Understand How Does Web Crawler Work

The first search engine with full text search technology was web crawler and it was the first
search engine which allow web crawler to analyze all content on a web page to draw maximum
traffic. The web crawler is one of the main components of search engines. Without web crawler
search engines cannot operate successfully because they are important tools that make them to
gather information about websites easily. A systematic search of Internet sites to find pages that
are applicable to the information that is needed are performing by web crawlers.

Robot/spider and SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of getting traffic from organic
listings on search listings. You can get high rank in search result after having SEO technique.
Only organic search results consider more reliable in search engines. It is important for your
website that you should follow SEO parameters to get high rank.

Now, the question comes in our mind, How does web crawler work? What web crawler sees in a

How Does Crawler/Spider Work?

You should first understand the SEO is the search engines are not humans. The whole process
of search engines perform several activities that i.e. Crawling, indexing, processing, calculating
relevancy, and retrieving.

First of all, search engine crawls the web to see what is available there. This job performs by
crawler. As earlier mentioned that crawler are not human ant they cannot crawl images, flash
movies, frames, JavaScript etc. After crawling next process come is indexed. The Indexed pages
are stored in a huge database and later it can retrieve.

After receiving requests from search the search engine processes it and the search engine starts
calculating the relevancy of each of the pages in its index with the search string. Last activity
on search engines is retrieving the results.

What Web Crawler Sees in a Website?

As already discussed earlier that web crawler don’t crawl images, Flash movies, JavaScript,
frames, password-protected pages and directories. And if they are not viewable, they will not be
spidered, not indexed, not processed, etc. – they will be non-existent for search engines. More
precisely, spiders can be termed as text browsers that ignore images and flashes and use text for
the indexing purpose.

Dominance of Keywords

Website’s content and keywords plays an important role in SEO. Keywords are the most
important SEO element for every search engine, so this is important to choose the right keywords
for websites. To choose the right keywords for a website is not an easy job. This is advisable to
create a unique title for each page and use unique content for each page. And use Keywords in

URLs because URL of a site tells a lot about it.


There are two types of links: inbound (Backlinks) and outbound links. Inbound links means
come from an external site to yours and outbound links start from your site and lead to an
external site. The no. of backlinks it indicates the popularity of the website and backlinks are
very important for SEO. There are many ways to build backlinks like : The Backlinks builder
Tools, getting listed in Directories, Forums and articles listing, RSS feeds, Affiliate Program,
News Announcement and Press Release. You always should get the reliable link building service professional link building company

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