What Is SEO, And How Can I Do It?

What Is SEO, And How Can I Do It? This is a very common question for all

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO Services basic function is to make a What Is SEO, And How Can I Do It?page “rank” higher in the resultant page of search engine.  “Page Rank” is the score assigned by Google for your website. This is a crucial criterion that affects your website resulting in either showing up or down in Search Result Pages of Google.

Keywords help in attaining better ranking in Google or leading search engines. Keyword are certain words or phrases that are relevant to your website in making your ranking better and also helps you in optimizing your website through Affordable SEO Packages for better traffic generation.
For keyword optimization you select certain words for your website. These keywords are frequently and relevantly used across the website. Also keywords should not over stuff in a single page otherwise you need to bear search engine penalty.  You can look for other people saying for appropriate number of keywords usage always keeps on changing. You can always confirm at the time of editing your website.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are HTML tags. Search engines look for them to know what your website is about. Major Meta tags are: –
Title Meta tag – It tells web browser and search engines about the title of the page. It is crucial for a website to have a title and also includes keywords.
Title Tags should:
– Exist on every page
– Be unique to each web page
– Relevant to the page’s content
– Contain keywords targeted to the page
– Be no more than 65 characters (including spaces)

Keywords Meta Tag – It is used to inform search engines about most relevant keywords for your website. This tag incorporates all the keywords you have selected for your website.

Description Meta Tag – It is used to inform search engines about your page in short.
Meta Descriptions should:
– Exist for every page
– Be unique
– Relevant to the web page’s content
– Contain a specific call to action to motivate a click
– Keywords near the beginning of the description.
– No more than 155 characters (including spaces)


Over Internet, content represent as a king. A page should contain quality content. An ideal content should be high quality and relevant for users. You should not overload your user with the information that is required by them. Google might seem to prefer websites large content over website with little text and extraneous content. Google judges and appreciate only significant content.

We recommend pages have 400-500 words of unique, quality content per page. You may choose to add content at the bottom of the page so that it does not interfere with the primary information you want visitors to read.
Off Site Optimization
Off site optimization is a key component to algorithm of Google page rank. Thus efforts are put in this area. Google looks for website that linked with your website and evaluate how relevant these links for to your website. Google uses this information to determine “importance” of your page. To get Best SEO Web Design quality is better than quantity. Try to evade submitting your website URL’s over huge link databases, those who promise you to provide better page rank services. Such sites are often scowl by Google and can damage your website rather than assisting you. Try to get link from your industry websites. For instance, is you are a pen seller, try establish link with a pen manufacturer company website.
Social Media
Social Media is growing tremendously. In today’s world it is important to publicize your business through renowned social network site like Facebook and Twitter. Businesses going online through social media should understand your targeted audience is not there to listen your sales speech rather they want to be your “friends”, want to know you better, and also want to interact with you in social way. With social media try to generate community and participate in it regularly. Business looking to connect with target audience then social media is for you. Having large followers of your website over social network would result in enhancing your page ranking.
Page Layout
With the relevant content over the top, one should assign appropriate weights in your web pages in such a way that Google easily recognize and also make it easier for Google to identify the entire page content.
A small heading over the top of the page would brief up about what content is there in whole page. Try to use “h1” tag, it stands for heading. Google does notice this tag and identifies what’s all in there in the content of whole page but choose it wisely, as it can be included one at a time in an entire page. Also try to incorporate keywords in this heading. Another way of improving your page ranking through keywords is to bold them. Google treats bold words as important words.
When you are trying to enhance your page ranking in the resultant page of search engine, the above discussed issues are the basic of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. Either you can do it for yourself or you can consider some Best SEO Web Design and SEO Services India to do it for you. There are many Affordable SEO Packages available that you can select which cater your needs.

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