Defend Your Online Market with SSL Certification

From all over the world, people can access information and data over the internet. But here some issues related to data security and protection. The net is an open connection, and this is a responsibility of commerce business owner about the security of the data! If customers have their credit card information stolen while making an online purchase at your website, it would give a bad impression and you might end up losing valuable business.


SSL or Secure Socket Layer comes to overcome from these issues. This encrypts your transaction session thus ensuring the integrity and protection of the data. Now, many online businesses have SSL certification for secure online transactions. “Http’s: // “or a symbol of a lock on the right corner of the browser shows this is a secure website.


How can you obtain SSL certificate for your website. According to your website and security requirements you should buy an SSL certificate. You can easily get various sources that offer these certificates with attractive discounts on regularly. After making the purchase, the certificates offer an online account which provides instructions and updates about them. There is an option to view your package and expiration date of the certificate.


Now next step comes that you need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from an SSL enabled server and save the CSR to a file. And then you have to enroll for the SSL server certificate by logging into your account and selecting the used/ unused certificate credit and complete the procedure.


Now your SSL certificate is installed on the server. You can secure the future of your online business with few simple steps like this. But how SSL certification work and what happens when a browser encounter SSL? When a browser tries to connect to a website secured SSL, the browser requests that the web server identify itself. The server which you are using send the browser a copy of its SSL certificate & it check by browser whether it trust the SSL certificate if yes then it send a message to the server. After receiving messages, the server sends back a digitally signed acknowledgment to start encrypting the session.


Especially, Ecommerce website needs SSL Solution to make their website safe and secure.


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