How to Opt a Good Domain Name

Starting a new web business then first you should opt a domain name for your website. Your Domain name represents your business name (and you probably shouldn’t choose a business name without checking first to see if the domain is available for it). But there’s more to opting a good name than just finding one that’s available. Below mentioned points will help you to choosing a good domain name.


Use a .com

You can buy a number of other top-level domains (tld’s) .com is the preferred extension for any business. Some browsers will auto complete .com, so if someone enters “domainname” in the browser location bar, they’ll automatically be sent to

If .com is not available then .net is also a good choice for your domain name. Most other tld’s are not suitable or too hard to say.


Short name is better

Short name for domain it’s easier to type (and say). Your customers will get annoy if they have to type a really long name into their browser. Short name is much easier to type than

Try to stick with names that are 10 letters or less in length (not counting the .com extension).


Find out your prospective name on Google

Choose a name that has few existing matches in Google if you want to make it easy for people to find your website. From this way yours site will be come up first in the search results. It will be very difficult for people to find you via search if there are already 2.3 million matches for the name.


Use a specific name

Your domain name should be unforgettable. “Ab company” is more memorable than something like “AB Tech Systems”. A popular trend among dotcom companies is to combine words (or partial words) into a new, made-up name (Flickr, YouTube, Feedburner). Start with a word that has some relevance to your company’s product or service, then try adding on endings and see what comes up.


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