Effects of Websites’ Bounce Rate

High bounce rate means you lose your clients and slow bouncer rate means you are able to hold your clients. After visiting single page user left website that means it is a bouncing rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of those visitors who visit only one page and left the website. There are many reasons for bouncing rate like your website design, functionality, too many advertisements, loading time etc. Bounce rate helps you to get a report of those visitors who entered the website and leave after reviewing. To get a lower website’s bounce rate you need to redesign your home page. To calculate bounce rate of your website there is a formula for this.

How to calculate bounce rate?

Rb= (Tv/Te)


  • Rb = Bounce rate
  • Tv = Total number of visitors viewing one page only
  • Te = Total entries to page

Reasons for increasing websites’ bounce rate:

  • Designing of your website
  • Too many advertisements
  • Bad content
  • Navigation of website

How to do low website’s bouncing rate?

  • Avoid anything which start automatically
  • Decrease load time
  • Elegant and professional website
  • Easy to navigate
  • Make your website up to date

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