Reason to abandoning shopping carts on my site?

A question that has troubled many Ecommerce Website Owners is that why are people abandoning shopping carts on my site? From the time when shopping cart feature is introduced, this question also co-exists. There are number of reasons for shopping cart abandonment, and this issue can only be resolved by an expert Ecommerce Development Company. Following are the few reasons when people discard shopping cart and do not complete their transaction.


Poor Shipping Cost Estimates:

When a customer’s check out product information the last thing they check is about its shipping costs. If calculating shipping costs is not as uncomplicated as its sounds or it’s too high. Studies reveals that 40% of shopping transactions are not completed due to its shipment cost. For further information on this topic also read our related post “How To Calculate Ecommerce Shipping Cost Algorithms”.


The Checkout process is too complicated:

Customers turn online for shopping because it’s easy and quick. Customers want to spend their majority time in exploring best deal rather than to figure out various ways to pay. To successful close a deal it is an essential to have a simple checkout process. While you are reading this step back and analyse checkout process of your Ecommerce Website “Is it simple to understand or Is it involve any unnecessary steps that can be avoided”.
Ecommerce site often don’t let their guest visitors to check various deals and offering provided by them. To check products information an account creation is not necessary.


Make sure customers can pay the way they want to:

When customers are not given the choice to pay the way they desire to, the chances of abandoned transactions are likely to be increased. Abandoned transaction due to limited options to pay is also a big reason. For a while consider yourself as a customer, spend time on check various deals provided on different products. Once you finalize the deal you wish to grab and you don’t get the mode you wish to pay, thus you are left with no alternative except to leave.


Make Sure Customers know your site is secure:

Customers trust is a vital concerned before they bestow their vital personal information. Ensure that customers are constantly reminded that your site is completely secured while completing the checkout process. The Verisign logo on your homepage ensures that your site safe for carrying out online transactions. It assures that no one will be able to misuse customer’s personal information so they can complete their transaction easily.


Load Times:

Customers hate waiting. Customer’s gets agitates easily when he is checking out the product and your shopping cart is slow and unresponsive and consequently leave. To stop these make sure that the Shopping Cart page and checkout pages loads quickly. If you can’t fix this problem, make sure to tell your customers about the slow working of the site as it will take few more seconds.

On E-Commerce sites these are basic reasons behind abandonment of shopping carts. To fix this problem it takes an Ecommerce expert company that comprehensively analyses your business site pages and understand your customer requisites.


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