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Now a day’s promotion of a business via Internet has become a general affair. The most common and widely tools to advertise a business online is the promotional website. Two types of websites are: dynamic and static each with their different features. Below you will find ways to convert a static website into a dynamic one.


But first question comes in our mind that why there is a need to convert a static website into a dynamic one.


What is a dynamic website?

Dynamic sites mean these types of websites can be regularly updated. These types of websites are invested with different raised features and are interactive in nature. E.g. Shopping Carts.


What is a Static Website?

‘Static’ means informative sites, these websites once created, remain unchanged. They can only be edited with the help of template based and text editors.


Why a dynamic website is considered better than a static one?

For their interactive nature and ability to associate with the customers dynamic website is preferred over the static ones. A dynamic website owner has the facility to update the site and add content on their respective sites. Some of the special features of a dynamic website are:


  • E-commerce system
  • Intranet or Extranet facilities
  • CMS-Content management system
  • Can upload documents


If you want to know how a static website can be converted into a dynamic one then your developer just follow the steps provided by us.


Steps to follow are:

  • Required J2EE modules have to be imported
  • Static project to be converted into a dynamic Web project
  • Create a new server
  • Mail Servlet has to be created
  • Ensure to have a J2EE security
  • Use special page templates
  • Run code review in order to assure that the security rules are not violated


Important: – The security code is basic as it will ensure that the site is safe and can be used by authorized people only.


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