Customize Your 404 Error Page Today

If you don’t want that your clients get irritating after seeing 404 error pages, then you should design your 404 error page by using some creativity. There are many reasons for 404 error pages like typed wrong URL, or pages deleted from website, the URL of your page is changed etc. It is time for now to change the look and feel of your 404 error page. Below mentioned points definitely will help you to make your client happy after leaving a page:

Design your 404 error page in some new style

Ask your designer to design a unique and elegant page for 404 error page. So your visitor will not leave that page and will find the solution what to do next.

Convey your message

Simply show the meaningful message to your visitors for 404 error page. After reading 404 errors they could get to know what is 404 error and the page that they are looking doesn’t not exist.

Display Suitable URL link

IF you have a XYZ.html page and your visitor come through external link to know more about that page and you deleted that page or changed the URL then tell them correct URL.

Prefer to use simple language

Try to use non technical language for your visitors as most of the visitor sound from nontechnical background and they don’t get what are 404 errors and what he has to do now?

Ask to recheck the URL spelling

Always show a message to your visitors that re-check your link again. Many times visitors put the wrong URL in the address bar so this message helps them to type the correct URL again.

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