Why We Should Choose PHP For Web Development

PHP refers to Hypertext Pre-processor. It is an HTML- embedded scripting language Why We Should Choose PHP For Web Developmentoriginally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. It was designed for web developer’s usage. PHP allow us to create interactive and vigorous dynamic web pages, basically Personal Home Page. Its chief syntax is borrowed by C, Java and Perl along with many unique PHP features. Currently, PHP is used by many web developers due to its unique highly developed features.

Web Developers prefer to pick PHP over various other substitutes available. Following are the reasons that discern it from rest as follows: –

  1. It generates expressive result and provides great experience for its users.
  2. It can be used in many programming as Array, Directory, Simple XML functions, FTP, HTTP and many others.
  3. It assists in creating dynamic web pages content and images.
  4. PHP provide complete source of coding for its users to construct and customize as per their needs.
  5. PHP 4 or PHP parser accumulate inputs to fabricate byte code for processing by the Zend Engine, rendering a comprehensive improved performance.
  6. It also supports multiple databases like MS Access, SQL Server, My SQL and Oracle.
  7. Servers with PHP are used by over 20 million internet domains for web hosting services, therefore it emerged as most popular Apache HTTP Server Module.
  8. Today, PHP can be installed with most operating systems.
  9. PHP provides more interactive results.

Various PHP versions are available in today’s market as PHP 1, PHP 2, PHP 3, PHP 4 and PHP 5 are among them. Every new PHP is introduced with the latest and exciting feature installed in it. Currently PHP Web Development does not have resident support for Unicode or Multibyte strings because its future versions are underdeveloped. This Unicode allows support to strings as well as class, method and function names to restrain non-ASCII characters.

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