Why Do People Leave a Website?

With the internet lightning fast speed, we have learnt multi-tasking. It can be in-stream music, movies, online television, shopping experience, or simply delivering pizza in just 30 minutes; everyone wants quick and furious results.  To mark your presence on-line and to grab your customer’s interest, it is vital to have a well-designed and interactive website. Then, you might be wondering about “Why Do People Leave a Website?” Behind it, there can be multiple reasons. This post throws light on enlightening few reasons and will present few ways to retain customer’s interest.

Long Load Time

When a website takes a long time to upload, chances are your viewer might leave the website. It is hard for user to wait when a website takes more time than usual websites. Generally, loading time should not be more than 2-3 seconds ideally for text and pictures. If a website comprises of CSS formatting and flash videos, the maximum time should be 4-6 seconds. Here, web page optimization plays a significant role. A well-designed website design means it should be ready to access within the minimum time. For a web page to be effective, it should incorporate features as: simple, quick displaying page, with the option to load heavy resources as Flash videos for attractive presentation and will retain customer’s interest. Always remember to not to display a heavy loaded flash presentation on the very first page of the website, as it will take time to upload and user may not wait until then. Let the customer settle on your site. Along with the fast loading time, easily navigated and designing principle should also be taken care of.

It’s Confusing

Complex Design with lots of links, buttons, colours, flashing lights and clip art tends to confuse users. In the modern times, the internet has made everything is easier, simpler with more reliable solutions. Trend setter companies such as: apple, Google, Sparse likes to dominate designing with the blend of its functionality. Google would be the perfect example for exercising function properly. Google has an only job: to search. Its services are extremely well co-ordination with little to almost no distractions. Apple, on the other hand, showcases the wide range of product lines with an option to individually customized search. A smooth transition will move them towards product descriptive details and latterly, proceed toward E-commerce services to buy any product.

It’s Ugly

A web design should have impressively been striking looks. A designer should invest its time a lot in designing appeal. Few matters must be carefully considered as: How text and pictures to be aligned? Usage of appropriate images and interesting graphic should be well incorporated to hold on customer’s interest. When users visit your site, the very first thing that he looks is its look. Customer’s transition from one page to another must be cautiously organized. An over-loaded graphical website containing many links might not be able to attract many viewers. Websites are liked to keep it simple, easily navigated and yet stylish. These are rules for attaining successful website.


Above discussed points force people to abscond with your website. Today’s customer wants simple, remarkable and quick result generating websites. If you have carefully planned these aspects, then you will see noticeable change on visitor turning to your site. And then you don’t need to worry about “Why Do People Leave a Website?” because you will not face such a situation like this anymore.


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