Difference between Web Designing and Web Development

Over the year, Web Designing and Web Development seem to be same. From a Difference between Web Designing and Web Developmentlayman’s perspective, both are same. It’s easy and people do get confused about the difference among them. Below information doesn’t contain everything still it can be considered by readers to find out what’s the basic difference between Web Design and Web Development. The information can helpful in educating yourself and clear out the misconceptions.

Web Designer

In establishing a website a web designer plays crucial role. A web designer is responsible for coming up with an alluring and professional design catering to the diverse needs of clients. If an individual by them self takes a responsibility to go for a design they would land up on a readymade layout or templates that are rejected by potential customers. An ideal design should be eye catching color scheme with appropriate graphics that is easy to understand setup and has the potential to grab visitor’s interest. A design should be that much appealing that visitor is forced to visit frequently and publicize design by spreading the words of appreciation in their family and friends group.

Web Developer

Web Development India is an entirely different aspect of the website. Web developers don’t give their time in making a website pleasantly attractive. They don’t worry about what is looking more appealing? Also does the website is visually good or not? Web developers work on the technical part of the website. Whether or not the website can be smoothly navigated by users? Web developers also see the working of the links and forms of website. In brief, web developers work behind the scene to make sure everything functions accurately.
The Difference between Web Design and Web Development is discussed many a times by various people like an average internet user or a manager at work. Because they appears to be similar and it’s easy to get confused between them. People don’t understand the differences that are discussed in above information. These two work profile are different from each other. With these differences you should select that company that has knowledge for Web Designing and Web Development as well to achieve the desired result.

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