10 Most Amazing Cool Websites You Didn’t Know Existed on Internet

There were many websites, which were built for some of the important purposes, but due to some or the other reasons those are not found today.

Here in this post let’s discuss about 10 such website


This website was mainly used for hacking purpose. Opening this site in any browser you were needed to press any key on the keyboard randomly and then after pressing the alt key, the access of any other computer was easily available. Although hacking anyone’s computer is unethical however for the training of hacking protection, this website was mostly used.


This website was used for disposing email service for beating spam.


This website was mainly used to check out the live hacking attacks as it used to show map in your computer screen from this website.



Well this site used to provide thousands of free tutorials and online video courses from the Newboston but due to some important issues, this is no longer available in the World Wide Web.


Earlier there was a website named evojidownloader.com, where from official android app were downloaded in PC using it. Now this website is no longer available.


With the help of this website, a visitor was able to see the youtube movies and all with much clarity. In fact this website was well controlled from the keyboard as well.


This site was used to check out the speed and performance of all other websites and to make analysis if in case there was a long loading time taken by any website for opening


To check out the history in relations to the usage of any website, this site was mainly used which is no longer available in World Wide Web.


With the help of this website, any sort of website pranks were detected and destroyed too. The use of this website was as follows

  • Opening the website in the PC
  • Dragging the red button to the bookmarks bar
  • And then destroying any website using the keyboard arrow and the space bar.



This site used to cater with the live actions of the air traffic control (ATC) broadcasts which was taken from the air traffic control towers and radar facilities

Well there are some other sites too, which were used in the past but now no longer available; however these are the top 10 as per my opinion.

This post talks about the top 10 Website Designing , which were pretty popular in the past however no longer exists now. And it also speaks the purposes for which these websites were being used earlier.