What would you do to become a freelance web-developer?


However as a freelancer, getting highly paid is not just a matter of signing up on popular platforms. You’ll have to branch out your skills and create a great portfolio of your past work and for all these you would require a professional to help you out.

Creating Portfolio

Before starting your career as a freelancer, it is always advisable to be associated with any Website Designing and Development Company, as that can give you the proper exposure of the work, required by the clients. Also it can help you to add value on your portfolio that you would create, while planning to become a freelance website developer. These days e-commerce site is at boom, so in case if you get a chance to get associated with Ecommerce Website Designing Company, then there is nothing like it; as it can help you getting the best exposure and also good amount of experience.

Getting enrolled in different platform

Once your portfolio is properly created, it is definitely needed, that you enrol yourself in different platforms wherein various job posts in relations to website designing and development are given. There in you can chose the job as per your capability and can bid for it and remember, while or before bidding, you need to do the following

  • Cross verify, if the client is genuine
  • Place the bid as per the price estimated by the client
  • Be very upfront, while talking about the payment terms, time duration for the project etc.

All these give clarity of the work, before the start of the project and keep both the parties in safer bet.

Branching out the skill set

This is an era of dynamism, wherein you should always be updated with the newer and newer skill set in terms of technology. So always remember to brush up your skill set with the updated version in terms of website development.

Proper coordination with the designer
Weather you work as a freelancer or you work in any web development company as a developer, always remember, your work comes after designing. Hence in case, if you play the role of designer and developer both, then nothing to talk much. However if the designing of the HTML, is done by someone else, and you just do the development, then you need to ensure that you have a proper coordination with the designer before you start developing the site.