Important tips for the ones who are into the concept selling of website development

Those who have been working as telesales caller must have sold so many products over the phone. What you sell basically is not the product but the concept of the goods or service. Generally the maximum chances of sale are on the first call to the customer; however acquiring the order of website development is not practically feasible on it. Here, in this post we will try to figure out the reasons for this.

  • This is because it is a work of creation, wherein the client is expected to see some catalogue of your work, some testimonials from your existing clients. Hence, one call closing of the deal is not possible.
  • Secondly, it is not a recurring item, that the business owner purchases. Hence, he needs to evaluate both the pros and cons of his dealing with you.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, this is a work of creativity and uniqueness. So as a client he has the full right to evaluate if your work is unique from others, for which he needs time.

Remember even if it takes a bit more time for cracking this deal, but as a telesales caller, you should not lose hope on any single client and do your best in selling this concept of web development for your company. In case if you are selling the concept of Ecommerce Website Design, specify the added advantage what your company can provide to the client, so that he/she decides to assign the job to you.

It is you, who can paint the picture of your company’s work in the clients’ mind, by your own conversational skills and that’s the only work which the company expects from you.