Future and Features of online store development

Online business development is one the trendiest and the successful strategy for the establishment of a brand and the business growth. The power of the internet and technology has been exploited to an extreme level. The technological innovation in the industry and the advantages it offers to the website development for building brand makes it one of the most powerful and impactful media.

Ranging from apparel store to home furnishing, being online is the best way to reach masses across the world. The virtual presence avails customer with number of options to choose. The accessibility and the ease of shopping offered are better than that of the traditional method of shopping.

According to the forecast and the analysis by a research firm, it is predicted that the total share of eCommerce made to the retail industry is 5.1% in 2013. The statistic grew and reached 5.9% in 2014. It s predicted that it will show an upsurge in the industry and will reach the 8.8% in year 2018. The leading names of the nation in the list are the UK, Indian, and Indonesia, which makes and will make a large share of e-commerce sales. Ecommerce website development cost is relatively low as compared to the traditional store development is is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

Amazon being considers the leading e-commerce service provider. The giant online store, Amazon offers a huge number of options for their customer with the wider accessibility and fast reach. Adding to the technology, and the online accessibility COD (cash on delivery) is like ‘icing on the cake’. Other advantageous feature to the online store designing includes wish list feature, shopping cart solutions, and online payment gateway integration. Among the online payment service provider E-bay owned, PayPal is one of the biggest marketers that have been serving mobile payment method comprising with a big amount of 14 billion US dollars. The advent of smartphone technology has created the integration of the responsive feature for the online store. The responsiveness enables the accessibility of the website through the varying digital device irrespective of the varying screen n sizes.

Ecommerce  offer an innovative and user-friendly option to build an online store. If you are looking for the development of an online store that offers a worldwide presence, look at the online store development. For the development and marketing of the business, there is no need make personal calls or visit your customer’s place. The most difficult in the virtual world is to convince the customer about the reliability of the service and the quality of the products offered. The difficulty can be overcome by the impelling and powerful content marketing strategy.